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Literature consists of written productions, often restricted to those deemed to have artistic or intellectual value. Its Latin root literatura/litteratura (derived itself from littera, letter or handwriting) was used to refer to all written accounts, but intertwined with the roman concept of cultura: learning or cultivation. Literature often uses language differently than ordinary language (see literariness). Literature can be classified according to whether it is fiction or non-fiction and whether it is poetry or prose; it can be further distinguished according to major forms such as the novel, short story or drama; and works are often categorised according to historical periods or their adherence to certain aesthetic features or expectations (genre).

The concept has changed meaning over time: nowadays it can broaden to include non-written verbal art forms, and thus it is difficult to agree on its origin, which can be paired with that of language or writing itself. Developments in print technology have allowed an evergrowing distribution and proliferation of written works, culminating in electronic literature.

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Course Curriculum

Level 1
How and Why We Read: Crash Course English Literature #1 Details FREE 00:00:00
Of Pentameter & Bear Baiting – Romeo & Juliet Part I: Crash Course English Literature #2 Details FREE 00:00:00
Love or Lust? Romeo and Juliet Part II: Crash Course English Literature #3 Details FREE 00:00:00
Like Pale Gold – The Great Gatsby Part I: Crash Course English Literature #4 Details FREE 00:00:00
Was Gatsby Great? The Great Gatsby Part 2: Crash Course English Literature #5 Details FREE 00:00:00
Language, Voice, and Holden Caulfield: The Catcher in the Rye Part 1 Details FREE 00:00:00
Level 2
Holden, JD, and the Red Cap- The Catcher in the Rye Part 2: Crash Course English Literature #7 Details FREE 00:00:00
Before I Got My Eye Put Out – The Poetry of Emily Dickinson: Crash Course English Lit #8 Details FREE 00:00:00
A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201 Details FREE 00:00:00
Fate, Family, and Oedipus Rex: Crash Course Literature 202 Details FREE 00:00:00
Ghosts, Murder, and More Murder – Hamlet Part I: Crash Course Literature 203 Details FREE 00:00:00
Level 3
Ophelia, Gertrude, and Regicide – Hamlet II: Crash Course Literature 204 Details FREE 00:00:00
Don’t Reanimate Corpses! Frankenstein Part 1: Crash Course Literature 205 Details FREE 00:00:00
Frankenstein Part II: Crash Course Literature 206 Details FREE 00:00:00
Reader, it’s Jane Eyre – Crash Course Literature 207 Details FREE 00:00:00
If One Finger Brought Oil – Things Fall Apart part I: Crash Course Literature 208 Details FREE 00:00:00
Level 4
Things Fall Apart, Part 2: Crash Course Literature 209 Details FREE 00:00:00
To Kill a Mockingbird, Part I – Crash Course Literature 210 Details FREE 00:00:00
Race, Class, and Gender in To Kill a Mockingbird: Crash Course Literature 211 Details FREE 00:00:00
Aliens, Time Travel, and Dresden -Slaughterhouse-Five Part I: Crash Course Literature 212 Details FREE 00:00:00
PTSD and Alien Abduction – Slaughterhouse-Five Part 2: Crash Course Literature 213 Details FREE 00:00:00
Level 5
Slavery, Ghosts, and Beloved: Crash Course Literature 214 Details FREE 00:00:00
Langston Hughes & the Harlem Renaissance: Crash Course Literature 215 Details FREE 00:00:00
The Poetry of Sylvia Plath: Crash Course Literature 216 Details FREE 00:00:00

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